New Pediatric Patients

Thank you for considering TAPAC for your child’s medical care! We are happy to have you and honored to be trusted with your family’s health. To provide you and your children with the best possible care, we request that you fill out the following forms* (one per child) and return them to us (via mail or drop off to clinic directly) prior to scheduling any appointments:

If you have any questions regarding why we're asking for certain information, please refer to our Form FAQs page.

*THE EXCEPTION is if your child is a NEWBORN and you are calling to establish care from the hospital. Just call to schedule.

Once you have submitted the above forms and we have received the previous records, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.


Please do consider when your child’s last well visit was with their previous provider – insurance companies often have requirements regarding spacing of well visits (and the requirements differ from one insurance plan to the next), so it would be helpful if you knew the date of your child’s last check up to avoid undue costs.

We can always schedule an “establish care” appointment to get your child established as a patient, so you can meet with a physician. After that first visit (whether it be a well visit or an establish care visit), you are welcome to call for sick visits or any other concerns you may have between well visits.

*Once you have scheduled your initial appointment, please contact your insurance carrier(s) to inform them of your child's new Primary Care Physician (PCP) effective of your appointment with us*

On the day of your first appointment, we kindly request that you are prepared to:

-       Bring up to date insurance information

-        Bring current photo ID for parent/guardian

-        Bring a list of current medications and supplements

-        Plan to pay for your initial office co-pay, deductible or co-insurance

-        Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment


At the time of your first visit, please ask about our Patient Portal

This is a great resource that enables you, among other things, to: 

- request appointments

- ask questions regarding your child’s health that goes directly to a medical professional

- request medication refills

- send photos via a secure connection


On West Royal Dr. off Cedar Run Rd. near the Oleson’s Plaza

Our Location

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Hours of Operation

Phone lines turn on half an hour before opening for appointment scheduling.


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What our patients say about us

  • "Both of my children were patients of TAPAC, and I can only say Very Good Things about all the services offered. Even when my kids were older, they chose to continue to see Dr. Sara Mulder through college, and I'm so grateful for her care of their physical, mental, and emotional needs during this time of growth. Thank you to all of you who make up the amazing team that is TAPAC."
    Carla W.
  • "I really appreciate the trouble they go through to keep the kids safe during this whole covid thing. Separate docs for healthy kids vs sick. Nice front desk staff. have a doc that specializes in asthma."
  • "We have had nothing but great experiences here at TAPAC. This practice is equipped with very knowledgeable clinical staff and very friendly administrative staff. Our son is comfortable here and loves seeing his primary Dr Koehler but has also had great experiences with Dr Stilwell and Dr Mulder."
    TRINH E.
  • "We couldn't be happier with Dr. Mulder. She always takes wonderful care of my kids. Listens to my concerns and never rushes us."
    Katie S.
  • "I was in the area on vacation with a sick kid. They were able to get me in the same day very quickly and help us out. They were very accommodating and helpful."
    Bryant E.