Patient Forms

 MHSAA Sports Form - for school sports grade 6 and above*

*Of note, the MHSAA requires these forms to be signed AFTER April 15 for the following school year sports. If your child has had a well visit prior to this date, he/she will need to come back to clinic for an exam to get the form signed per MHSAA regulations. 

Health Appraisal Form - For preschool, Head Start or other early education program

Authorization Forms If someone else other than a parent/guardian will be bringing your child to an appointment.

School Medication Authorization Forms

Transition of Care Forms:

Upon turning 18 years old, you are a legal adult and must complete the following form:

Our goal as pediatricians are to have our patients outgrow us. While we are happy to follow college students through that transitory time of life, once you 1) graduate from college and/or 2) begin living a more independent/adult lifestyle, it is time to begin the transition to an adult physician. 

In the event of a transfer out of our practice for any reason, it is suggested that you complete the following form so your next provider can take the best care of you possible:

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What our patients say about us

  • "Both of my children were patients of TAPAC, and I can only say Very Good Things about all the services offered. Even when my kids were older, they chose to continue to see Dr. Sara Mulder through college, and I'm so grateful for her care of their physical, mental, and emotional needs during this time of growth. Thank you to all of you who make up the amazing team that is TAPAC."
    Carla W.
  • "I really appreciate the trouble they go through to keep the kids safe during this whole covid thing. Separate docs for healthy kids vs sick. Nice front desk staff. have a doc that specializes in asthma."
  • "We have had nothing but great experiences here at TAPAC. This practice is equipped with very knowledgeable clinical staff and very friendly administrative staff. Our son is comfortable here and loves seeing his primary Dr Koehler but has also had great experiences with Dr Stilwell and Dr Mulder."
    TRINH E.
  • "We couldn't be happier with Dr. Mulder. She always takes wonderful care of my kids. Listens to my concerns and never rushes us."
    Katie S.
  • "I was in the area on vacation with a sick kid. They were able to get me in the same day very quickly and help us out. They were very accommodating and helpful."
    Bryant E.